My goal is to create a timeless masterpiece capturing the true essence of an individual.

Meeting with the Client/Subject
A painting begins with listening to my client’s ideas concerning his/her portrait.
Things to consider:
•        Number of subjects
•        Size (head and shoulders, ¾ length, full length)
•        Background
•        Where the painting will be hung

Photography Session
•        The photo session takes place at the location being considered for the background of the painting.
•        Occasionally, a pre-existing photo can be used, but only if it is of highest quality.
•        Initial 1/3 payment is made at the completion of the photo session.

Planning & Approval                           
•        Several choices will be presented to the client so that a final decision can be made about the painting.
•        A small compositional color study will be approved by the client. This can be done in person or email.

Completion of Painting        
•        Upon request, pictures of the progress will be emailed to the client to keep you updated through out the process.

Delivery of Portrait
•        Upon delivery the client will have the option of a final sitting for minor corrections and changes.
        The portrait will be presented for the approval of the client. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
•        Final payment is due at this time.

The culmination of these steps will result in a priceless heirloom.
Nita Bakay
Process for Commissions