Painting is so much fun for me.  It is like a puzzle...after carefully fitting all the pieces together, the subject
comes to life.   I started drawing as a child.  It just seemed like a fun thing for my twin sister, Rita, and I to do.  I
believe that God blessed me with this artistic talent, and I want to use my art to honor Him. Although I placed
this talent on the "back burner" of my life for years,  I feel that everything in my life has brought me to this
point in time to make me a better artist.
My Passion

I have an undergraduate degree in math, a master's degree in math education, and a specialist's degree in
instructional technology.  My math has helped with spatial awareness, angles, and proportions in my art.  I
taught math in high school and later became a library media specialist.  Retiring in 2012 allowed me to
become a full time artist.   Studying oil painting under Elise Hammond's wonderful instruction has allowed my
talent to bloom.  Painting portraits is my passion.   Attending portrait workshops and classes by renown
portrait artists including Marvin Mattelson, Michael Del Priore, Nancy Honea, Jim Schell, Kris Meadows, Marc
Chatov, and Charles Walls has strengthened my skills.

I was a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, then my husband's death (from a heart attack at 43) necessitated
my return to teaching. I have 3 children. My oldest child, David, was killed in a car accident when he was 20.  
My son, Chris, is an art director in an advertising agency in Houston, TX and my daughter, Michelle, is a
social worker in London.  I have 2 babies, my Boston Terriers, Annie and Leilu.
My life is a canvas on which God has painted.  At times, I felt like He was painting a dreadful picture, but now
I trust that in His sovereignty, He is completing a work that will one day be beautiful.  "He makes all things
beautiful in His time."
Nita Bakay
Artist Profile
Nita was awarded the
Juried Member status by the
Portrait Society of Atlanta.
She is also a member of the
Portrait Society of America.